We are currently experiencing a very bad situation due to the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic

We stay in our houses locked up without being able to go out and keeping our home clean is something very important these days since we can run many risks of contagion.

How can you get it?

Due to the nature of the coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for Covid-19, it is a disease that causes fever, cough and shortness of breath .

In the most severe cases or in people at high risk it can lead to pneumonia which can unfortunately lead to death.

It is an inert particle that if it comes into contact with our eyes, mucous membranes, mouth , etc., it can easily infect us.

When we go out to throw out the garbage, walk the dog, go shopping or any other justified reason to leave our house is when there is greater risk of contagion .

Wear a mask and gloves

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Also if we live with someone who suffers from the coronavirus (covid-19) or has had contact with someone who has it.

How to avoid contagion and spread the virus when you get home?

When we come from the street to buy or from our work is when we have the best chance of spreading the virus around our home.

The house keys, street shoes, mobile phone, wallet or objects that we usually carry when going out are the most dangerous objects when it comes to spreading the virus.

Take off the footwear used in the street and leave it at the entrance , it is not a good idea to take down the garbage with the shoes to go home, better to use other footwear to go out.

That is why we should leave it in a place at the entrance of the house such as the hall in a piece of furniture and clean the objects as much as possible with disinfectant if possible, since with wallets or credit cards it is not a very good idea because it can erase the numbers. Enviar comentarios

How to clean and disinfect the house thoroughly

Limpieza a fondo e impoluta del hogar
Limpieza a fondo e impoluta de casa para evitar contagios

It is necessary to clean and disinfect

Cleaning leaves objects and surfaces clean, but we also have to disinfect to kill bacteria and viruses .

What to use to disinfect?

By using a very simple and economical solution we have more than enough.

  • 20cc of bleach for every liter of water

Use on any surface that will not damage or fade using non-detergent bleach.

  • Disinfectant alcohol

If we have an object that bleach is not recommended, we can always use soap and water and a disinfectant wipe or alcohol to clean and disinfect.

But attention it is always better to use the appropriate products for each room in the house.

Also use a suitable product for this material and that does not damage it .

We can be guided by the manufacturer's specifications to check on what material can be used without risk.

What places in the house are most at risk of contagion?

The entrance or hall, kitchen and bathrooms are the places that we have to monitor more that everything is clean and disinfected.

It is also important to clean door knobs , switches , refrigerator door, taps and all the places where there is contact with our hands.

Ventilate the house daily is very important

Ventilating our house is essential, since a very loaded environment facilitates contagion and is not good for our health and others who are in our homes.

Open several windows at least to create a continuous current throughout the house, half an hour if there is enough current is more than enough.

Clean the windows of your home inside and out.

Ammonia is perfect for this task, it does not leave marks on the glass and with its degreasing and disinfectant power we disinfect it very well.

What to do if there is a sick person at home

The Ministry of Health manual provides the following measures:

- Wear single-use gloves and a mask.

– Use disinfectant for doorknobs, bathroom surfaces, bedside tables, remote controls, switches, bathroom and kitchen faucets, toilets, telephones, keyboards and tablets.

– Cleaning should start from the farthest part of the entrance door towards it.

– After cleaning is complete, the gloves and mask should be placed in a bag, sealed tightly, and disposed of with your other household waste. 

– Afterwards, you always have to wash your hands, with soap and water, for 40-60 seconds.

- Dishwashing, cutlery and other kitchen utensils should be washed with hot soapy water. 

- As for the clothes, they must be washed with the usual detergent and at a temperature equal to or greater than 60 degrees.

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